Community Ecosystem

Schnoodle's greatest strength is its community
The Schnoodle Community Ecosystem (SCE) is comprehensive, but is structured in such a way as to be easily understandable and digestible by any would-be investor in SNOOD. The following block diagram shows this structure followed by a brief overview of the main parts.
The Schnoodle Community Ecosystem structure

🛸 Technology

A significant component of the SCE is our core technology which comprises the Foundations of Schnoodle formed from the two Cornerstones of Schnoodle and the Four Pillars of Schnoodle. On top of our core technology, we build the Utilities of Schnoodle. You can read about all of this in the following sections:

📚 Backlog

As a DAO, our backlog is completely transparent, and everyone can be a part of it. We consider this the cradle of our community. This means that, as well as earning SNOOD from BARK and MFP, you can also earn SNOOD by completing tasks for Schnoodle. You can view our full backlog and get involved here:
All tasks are typically open to the entire community. This generally means you must be a verified member of our Discord server. All tasks typically come with a bounty reward, and anyone can apply to work on a task. However, it is important that you understand the rules around receiving payment, and the following sections outline this.

✅ Task Prerequisites

Before work commences on a task (before its status goes to In Progress), the description should be clear and complete, and should include acceptance criteria (usually a set of bullet points) which will be used to determine if the task is complete. Each task may be discussed in its own thread on Discord by pressing the Discuss button on the task, and each application may be discussed in a private Discord thread with the reviewer(s) by pressing the Discuss application button. Feel free to use this to discuss the task prerequisites with the team, and also while working on the task.

🎭 Social Media

Social media of course forms a huge part of our community, and the community should be actively involved in this. For this reason, any tasks in the Marketing Space with the social media tag may be completed by community members to submit social media posts for the team to then post on our various channels including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok.
The following information should be referred to when making submissions.

Acceptance Criteria

Submissions must include visual content in at least one of the following formats:
  • 1280x720 (16:9) also known as 720p or HD
  • 1920x1080 (16:9) also known as 1080p or FHD
  • 720x720 (1:1) if intended for Instagram
Ideally, both 16:9 and 1:1 formats should be included.
The following should also be adhered to:
  • Include a caption to go along with the content. All text must be in good English with no typos and correct grammar.
  • Include relevant hashtags, and the cashtag $SNOOD for Twitter.
Please see our social media channels for examples of the quality that is expected. Submissions should adhere to our branding guidelines (link below). Our logo, colours, and/or mascot should be used wherever possible.

Approval Process

Visual content should be attached to the submission (file drag-and-drop is supported).
Multiple submissions can be eligible for a bounty. This is not a competition. If your submission is approved, a team member will schedule it to be posted to our channels using Loomly. If your submission is rejected, you can improve and resubmit no problem. Feel free to discuss your submission in Discord using the ‘Discuss’ button on the task where we can discuss why it was rejected and how it can be improved.
Note that if your submission is rejected, you can still see it in the activity feed on the task.

💲 Bounty Payment

The bounty on a task is based on two main factors:
  • The size of the task as indicated by the task points. We consider task points to be approximately the following, but this can vary due to complexity of the task, also:
    • 1-2 points: between 1 hour and 1 day of work.
    • 3-5 points: between 2 days and 1 week of work.
    • 8-13 points: between 2 weeks and 1 month of work.
  • The priority of the task. The bounty on higher priority tasks will typically be upwardly adjusted while lower priority tasks will be downwardly adjusted.
The above is based on a medium skilled person. When applying for a task, you should consider your skill level in terms of quality of output when requesting funding. If you are a junior, then you may wish to mark down the stated bounty. If you are a senior, then you may consider marking up the stated bounty, but only if you believe the output would be above expectations.
Based on the above, when determining the bounty, we will apply the following rates:
  • Hourly rate of $20-$50 depending on task complexity.
  • Daily rate of $150-$400 depending on task complexity.

⏳ Payment Timelock

All tasks have the option for the bounty payment to be timelocked. A user can decide the length of this timelock any time up to the moment they get paid. A timelock will attract a monthly compound interest rate (Timelock Reward Rate, or TRR) which is generally agreed by the community. This value is maintained in Discord as the Timelock Reward statistic. Its purpose is to reward loyal contributors to Schnoodle, and to mitigate risk-reward ratio (RRR). Generally, it will be higher at the top of a bull market, and lower at the bottom of a bear market, as determined by the community. The following spreadsheet can be used to help you understand the payments you can expect based on different timelocks and SNOOD price action.
Feel free to download the spreadsheet from Google Sheets link here, and follow the instructions given in the spreadsheet to experiment with different figures.
Bounty Calculator
A timelock requires the user to lock their tokens in a farm on our Moon Farming Platform using the Autofarm (AF) feature, a feature we consider to be cool AF. All you have to do to autofarm is enable this on your Ethereum account via the Schnoodle X DApp specifying the vesting and unbonding blocks which must total the agreed timelock. All subsequent transfers to your account will then autofarm with these parameters including the payment for your task. You may disable AF after payment if you do not wish subsequent transfers to be autofarmed.