Introduction to Schnoodle
On this page, you can find a qualitative introduction to Schnoodle, but for the fundamental facts and technical explanation of what Schnoodle is made up of, please read our detailed whitepaper.

Why is Schnoodle so Special?

Schnoodle Finance is a true trustless and progressive DeFi DAO that bridges key cryptocurrency concepts including meme, NFTs, and yield farming.
Unlike other meme- and RFI-based coins, Schnoodle is intended to be trustless, which means there is no requirement for token holders to rely on the team fulfilling proposals voted on by the community. It gives them full confidence due to the unopinionated nature of the code. The advanced technologies behind Schnoodle ensure that software upgrade proposals created and voted on by the community are fully automated using gasless (zero cost) voting mechanisms, and on-chain execution of these votes using a blockchain oracle. It's completely decentralised which epitomises the very nature of blockchain, something nearly all blockchain projects have not truly achieved. We believe we are one of if not the first blockchain project to achieve this true DAO (decentralized autonomous organisation) status, which is the Holy Grail of blockchain, and why we have had such a successful start since launch.
Schnoodle is a DeFi token that uses its own rewards algorithm (inspired by RFI) known as Blockchain Automated Reward Kickbacks (BARK). This means that hodlers receive rewards constantly (without even farming) whenever any sell swap takes place on the network. This has been a tremendous success and garnered exceedingly bullish sentiment from the community that Schnoodle is unlike any other rewards-based coin.
It's also a coin with a conscience. A small percentage of all transactions are donated to a good cause agreed on by the community. This takes place automatically within the smart contract, and is known as the eleemosynary functionality.
Schnoodle has been expertly coded with the latest bleeding edge technology by a seasoned senior developer who has spent his career working for investment banks such as Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse writing options and derivatives code for front office algo trading.

What are we trying to achieve long-term?

Schnoodle is much more than just a meme coin. While Schnoodle sets itself against a meme backdrop to bootstrap early interest and adoption, it promotes itself as a fully progressive DeFi DAO ecosystem in its own right, owned entirely by its community. With oracle-based governance and multisig protection, Schnoodle is the first of its kind to become a true DAO.
We have an ambitious roadmap including a yield farming platform that we delivered in December 2021 which truly breaks the mould and differentiates us from other yield farming platforms with fully flexible opportunities for yield farmers. And we also want to issue NFTs that can also be farmed in our platform. There are other use cases we're considering such as NFT gaming, but these ideas are for further triaging.
We already have a utility partnership in the form of a payment provider (DePay) where SNOOD becomes a payment currency. Ultimately, we intend Schnoodle to have further utility and for the direction of this to be determined by the community (as a DAO) with guidance from the team.

What are Schnoodle's values?


We are building an ecosystem where everybody who stays loyal steadily gains over time simply by holding, and no one gets punished if they remain true to Schnoodle simply by holding. The team follow the pattern that we BUIDL relentlessly and with absolute diligence in the name of decentralisation and total trustlessness. No rug. No dump. No quitting.


The team is a mere facilitator of the project, not a dictator. As a pure democracy with no bureaucracy, the community can continue to build Schnoodle through the DAO forever with or without the starting team. For example, contract upgrades by the community are perfectly possible via SafeSnap, Gnosis Safe and reality.eth, our holy trinity of bleeding edge DAO technologies that Schnoodle uses.
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